How I Became A Financial Adviser

My name is Ann and I am a Financial Adviser for an insurance company. The more informal term for my job would be “insurance agent”.

How did I end up doing this kind of work?

How I Became A Financial AdviserWhen I was a college student, the term “agent” never resounded well with me. That word brought visions of pesky people who would follow you around while you are shopping, unwanted phone calls from telemarketers convincing you to avail of a “great bargain”, and individuals who are just after the contents of your wallet and bank account.

No wonder that people would look the other way and brush off the brochures and fliers that these “agents” would try to force on their face.

No, no… a career in sales was just not for me. Besides, I didn’t think that my heart could take that kind of rejection everyday.

My goal was to be a professional- someone who helps uplift the lives of the people around me. I wanted to work for a company that offers something that people need- something of value and importance.

Of course, if I can make a lot of money while doing it- that would be the ideal scenario.

I started my career working at an 8am-5pm office job. Oftentimes, it was more of an 8am-8pm work day but it was okay. I was making money, I was ready to conquer the corporate world.

How I Became A Financial Adviser

I was fortunate to work for a company that invested in its employees’ financial knowledge and education. During one of these seminars, I learned about the importance and necessity of having a life insurance policy from one of the country’s most prominent business speakers.

So I immediately called my sister and asked her to refer her insurance agent, or more appropriately called- a financial adviser. Affixing my signature on my life insurance policy gave me a strong sense of comfort and security for the future. Eventually, we will cease to exist in this world- and when it’s my time, at least I know that my family would be somehow protected.

I realized that, indeed, a life insurance is something that everyone should have- it is not just an option, but a necessity. Something else happened during my meeting with my financial adviser- as I reflected on my future and decided to protect my loved ones by getting a life insurance, I was able to see my insurance agent’s job from a different perspective.

Here is a professional who is happy with his job- offering something valuable that every person should have. His product is actually not that piece of paper, that insurance policy, but rather- he gives things that money cannot buy: peace of mind, security, and protection.

How I Became A Financial AdviserAt that time, I was also at a point where I was reflecting on my current job. Is it something that I can do long-term? What will happen when I get married and have my own family? In the corporate world, I see many women who just end up resigning and leaving the career they’ve worked so hard to build- once they have their own family.

Initially, the flexible work hours and opportunity to earn unlimited commission were what appealed to me. So I thought, why not give this sort of job a second look?

With an open mind, I then attended a Manulife orientation for prospective financial advisers. I expected the presentation to focus more on the potential monetary benefits and commissions that a financial adviser can earn. To my pleasant surprise, I heard stories on how the lives of countless people were changed for the better and their future made brighter through the insurance services offered by Manulife.

Remember my career goal? I realized that being a financial adviser might be the perfect match to it!

My goal was to be a professional- someone who helps uplift the lives of the people around me. I wanted to work for a company that offers something that people need- something of value and importance.

Fast forward to 3 years after… and I am now a full-fledged Manulife Financial Adviser- and a happy, proud one too!

How I Became A Financial AdviserI am enjoying the flexible work hours, the commission, the incentive trips abroad, the medical coverage, and other fringe benefits. But most of all, I love the fact that I am using my time and my skills for something that truly makes a difference to my clients’ lives. The opportunity to do something like this is so valuable, and one that I am truly grateful to be given the chance to do- every day.

Of course, I still encounter the rejection that I was once so afraid of. Some days may be long and hard- and there’s still the pressure of hitting certain targets.

As with any kind of job, it is not for everyone.

But if there is a desire in your heart to do something more in your career… if you want to do meaningful work everyday… if you enjoy meeting new people and helping them… maybe it’s time that you re-evaluate your current path and see what being a financial adviser really is all about.

Three years ago, I took a deep breathe, took the plunge into the ‘sales agent world’ and left my corporate job, and I never looked back. It is one of the best decisions of my life!

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